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Assembly in our New Hall

15-03-02-NewHallAssembly3Today was the first assembly in our new school hall. It was an exciting event, and gave the staff and pupils alike a chance to see the building as well as look at the climbing wall, projectors and cameras, theatre-syle sound and light and the new staging.

Mr Bishop led the assembly, discussing 'Fortune Favours the Brave', the school moto, and how this relates to trying hard and persevering even when you are nervous or unsure. We watched Chloe W climb the wall, as well as held a skype call to a class of children in Israel who are also participating in the Global Enterprise Challenge with our year 6 pupils. Mr Bishop also explained that this was the first time the school has been able to hold a whole school assembly for twelve years!

2015-03-02-newhallA teacher/parent band accompanied the the hymn 'This Little Light of Mine' with live instruments and then the chamber choir performed 'Winter Wind' at the end on the new staging. Look out for the recording of the assembly on clickview this week.