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Year 5 Killerton Speech

This term, Year 5 has been performing in The Killerton Speech, a re-enactment of the day that Lloyd George came to Killerton House to deliver his Land Reform speech in 1925. On the day, the children brought the house to life in a variety of ways; the butlers welcomed the guests, storytellers entertained, the laundry maids prepared the sheets, the gardeners weeded the beds, the children of the house prepared for Mr George’s arrival and the Acland family discussed the merits of Land reform. The audience were taken around the grounds of Killerton house watching the Year 5 actors dressed up in their specially made 1920s costumes. The finale of the performance was Mr Lloyd George being driven up to the main house in an Old Austin. The children performed wonderfully and had clearly put hours of work into the event. I wonder which era it will be next year!?