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Year 2 News

Year 2 have been busy tending to their herbs and strawberries in the allotment. They planted the seeds in March and once they had grown big enough we transferred them from the greenhouse to our allotment bed. We have also recently picked the wonderful strawberries that have grown and made our own homemade jam, it was delicious! We decided to use this jam in our very own café as well as making scones and jam tarts to enjoy our efforts and had a picnic.year2garden

Year 2 have also been enjoying regular assemblies in our new hall along with children in KS1. Children have discussed and participated in assemblies about perseverance, respect, acceptance, changes and new beginnings. It has been wonderful to use our new hall to come together and sing songs as well as understanding the world around us.

Year 2 have also been working hard to complete their documentaries on animals after their trip to Paignton Zoo. Children researched various zoo animals and became presenters. Not only did they learn their lines, they have been in the TV studio where they have followed an autocue and remembered lyrics to sing and record ‘We’re going to the zoo’ to accompany their documentary.

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