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Year 2 News

2floatingsinkingThe children in year 2 have been studying floating and sinking, and learning a lot about the Second World War. They have also been developing their netball skills and composing music.





Floating and Sinking

During the first half term year 2 pupils took part in several investigations about floating and sinking. This enabled them to discover and test which materials would be best to build their model Titanic boat.

They explored the flexibility, strength and durability of materials before making their final decisions. Within this project they were naturally inquisitive and took on research activities to gain as much information about the Titanic as they could.


ww2WWII and trip to Tiverton Museum

The children have been exploring Devon in WWII as part of their local history learning. They were lucky enough to meet a real WWII evacuee who was evacuated from Plymouth to Tiverton.

museumPupils put together questions before our trip to meet Bert at Tiverton Museum and had them answered. They tried gas masks on, sat in an air raid shelter and enjoyed workshops on rationing, the blackout, make-do and mend and evacuation.














Throughout this term pupils have developed their team-building skills as well as learning the basic netball passes, pivoting/foot work and positioning to enable them to begin playing matches.



2musicThe year 2 children have been experimenting with a variety of sounds using untuned and tuned instruments, voice, ukuleles and boomwhackers. They have worked as a class, in groups and as individuals to create and compose pieces of music. They developed skills such as listening, rhythm and using their voices expressively and creatively.



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