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Remembrance Day

All the Year 2 children dressed up for a World War Two theme on Remembrance Day, 11 November. After they had participated in the Remembrance Day Assembly, their day included a wide range of WW2-related activities:

  • Making food using rations
  • Exploring WW2 artefacts 
  • Making poppies
  • Building miniature Anderson Shelters and learning why they were used
  • Listening to and learning songs from the War – they created their own version of ‘Pack up your troubles’ from the perspective of an evacuee
  • Learning what an evacuee would need to pack and fitting this all into a single suitcase


The children finished the day by taking part in the Head Teacher’s Blog, which ended with a very moving performance, by Tilly, of the Last Post.

As part of the November commemorations, Year 2 also went on a WW2 trip to Tiverton Museum, where they learnt about rationing (again making food using rationed ingredients), about life as an evacuee, and about the Blackout. They interviewed a real evacuee, who was moved from Plymouth to Tiverton during the war.