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Let’s get a new roof for Killerton House

We’re supporting a major fundraising campaign by Killerton House to plug the holes in its leaking roof.

Back in October, lots of very patient and well-behaved BCPS children were part of a huge photoshoot at Killerton House, when staff and volunteers stood outside the building forming the figures 100k – to represent the amount of money needed to prevent water damage to the much-loved house and collection. Now we are hoping that parents, friends and relatives will also help with raising money.

The house is looked after by the National Trust, and has just launched its fundraising campaign for work due to start in late February. The vital work will not only conserve the main flat lead roof over the house, but also the exterior walls, windows, chimneys and parapets, and it will also include necessary internal and external redecoration. Killerton House will open as usual in February, and will stay open throughout the project – only the first floor fashion exhibition will be closed during the renovations.

Thanks to a very generous gift in a will left to Killerton by volunteer Mr Laurie Marshall, the Trust already has some funds available to start the work, but it still needs more.

As a charity, Killerton House relies on donations and legacies alongside memberships and visitor income. It is tremendously encouraging and supportive of our school activities - we have an important partnership which results in some amazing activities including concerts, historical re-enactments and sporting events - so we want to help with the fundraising as much as we can.

We hope very much that you can give something towards the project and help to conserve this vital part of our community. You can find out more, and donate at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/care-for-killerton.