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Year 4 Trip to Morwellham Quay

Year 4 spent the day at Morwellham Quay last week learning more about the Victorians. The small living museum appealed greatly to the entire class as they were able to use their prior knowledge of the era, which they grew in class by investigating key areas of Victorian culture. 

At Morwellham Quay, they travelled underground on a mine train, discovering the techniques used in the 1800s to extract coal and ore. Using their prior knowledge on the visit to the Harbour Master’s house, many children were able to identify a variety of ancient items displayed throughout the house, such as Victorian hot water bottles and bed pans. The highlight for many children was when they were given the opportunity to dress up in Victorian clothing. Many of the boys thoroughly enjoyed trying on the many hats worn by Victorian gentlemen and the girls loved trying on the glamorous dresses; given the chance, a few boys also tried on many of the glamorous dresses too! 

They also went back in time to experience a Victorian school, finding out just how strict school used to be! They got the chance to improve their handwriting, using chalk and slate, learning the importance of the number 12 to Victorians and discovering out the many cruel punishments that children in the Victorian school would have faced. 

M quay 3

M quay 2