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Year 3 visit to Roman Roadshow

Year 3 went to Victory Hall for a Roman Roadshow held by RAMM.

The children were very excited to learn about the Seaton Down Hoard which contained a staggering 22,888 Roman coins which will be on display at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter in July. 

The children took part in a game where they discovered more about our Roman history and the city of Isca. All of the children embossed their own Roman coin which had the head of Emperor Constantine and the angel of victory on. 

The children were able to explore different techniques used by detectorists in order to recover some Roman artefacts. The Roman Soldier told the children all about Roman life and they were amazed to hear that the wealthy Romans lived in villas the size of three football pitches! 

We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures to see all of the exciting things we got up to: