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Squad Tournament

On Monday 19th June, throughout the afternoon, all those involved in the football squads took part in an intra-squad tournament on the school field.  The boys were split into four teams; red, orange, blue, green and the girls into three teams; red, green and blue playing 10 minute games in a round-robin format which allowed for plenty of drink breaks in the extremely hot conditions. The boys pitch was refereed by Mr. Beevor and the girls pitch by Mr. Harrison. Mrs. Baines played the vital role of ensuring all those not playing were hydrated throughout. 

Many examples of both individual and team-based skills were on display across both pitches, with each game maintaining a competitive, although friendly atmosphere throughout.  In the boys competition, it was the blue team that finished as champions with an unbeaten record. In the girls competition, the red team were victorious, winning all their games, with it being particularly pleasing that goals were spread right across their team.  After the matches the smiling, although slightly flushed players sat down for a well-earnt drink of water and the medal presentations.  Every player in the winning teams received a medal and Ben and Holli received the awards for ‘Player of the Day’. 

The afternoon was enjoyed by all and every player did exceptionally well to maintain their level of performance in the hot conditions, with a special mention going to each of the girls teams who had to play two games in a row each during the afternoon.  Joseph and Zoe agreed that the tournament was very enjoyable but very hot!

Also on Thursday 22nd June 2017 the girls football team played a friendly match against Duchy school.  The nine girls involved, a mix from year 4 and year 6, tried hard throughout but they lost to a strong Duchy side.