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Kingfisher Awards' Picnic

Earlier in the year, Year 4 attended a field day for the Kingfisher project where they learnt about fields, hedgerows, crop and the wildlife that live in the British countryside. In the months following this, they have been writing letters to local members of parliament and sketching and painting beautiful pieces of artwork based on the creatures found in the hedgerow. They have also invented exciting board games and activities that promote the maintenance of hedgerows.

The children have also been completing surveys of the wildlife found within our school borders, producing bar and pie charts to study this and debating on how we could increase this diversity – with an edible hedge being the best idea produced by the classes. 

On top of all this, Year 4 have been hard at work in the kitchens producing a variety of flavours of hedgehog bread, from cheese to chocolate chip. These were sold before the Kingfisher Awards evening and at the school fete over the weekend, to help raise money for the Campaign to Protect Rural England with the slogan “Hedgehogs for Hedgerows”. It is Year 4’s desire that all of their hard work for this project will help raise awareness for the cultivation of hedgerows and that farmers take better care of this important environment on the edge of their fields. 

On July 5th, Year 4 completed their Kingfisher Project by attending the Awards Picnic at Newton St Cyres. The entire year group had worked incredibly hard on this project, producing a huge amount of quality work to be presented on the awards evening. Mr Lawson and Mr Beevor took 12 children from Year 4 to discuss each element of the project with the four judges of the contest; every single one of these children represented the school with pride and were able to recall important and unusual facts about our local hedgerows. Year 4 received Second Place, which is an incredible achievement for them. We are sure that they are all incredibly pleased with this result and proud of the huge amount of work they completed for this project. 

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