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Sports hall Athletics Year 5 & 6

A team of 12 pupils from Year 5 and 6 participated in Sports hall athletics at St Luke’s school as part of the School Games series on Wednesday 10th January.

The morning comprised of an carousel of both track and field events with points from each event being compiled to find the winning school.  The track events included both a 1-lap individual race and a 2-lap relay, while the field events comprised of; speed bounce, vertical jump, standing long jump and chest push testing the competitors jumping and throwing ability.

Every pupil performed admirably both individually and as a team, with particular highlights including the girls’ team winning their relay in an extremely impressive time, and Joaquim, Ben, Daniel and Harriet all achieving the superb feat of over 55 speed jumps in just 20 seconds!  All of these performances combined resulted in the team from Broadclyst achieving 1st place in the competition and a place in the County finals.  The cheer from the team when they discovered the result could be heard by all throughout the Year 5 and 6 classrooms and all involved were rightfully proud of their achievement.

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