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Table Tennis Regional finals

The table tennis squad travelled up to Bristol for a tournament on Saturday 3 February.

Having won the county finals and finishing runners up in the zone finals, the squad found themselves in the regional finals in Bristol. Being the penultimate round before the national finals, the standard of this round was exceptionally high. In the hall were a range of age groups each playing nail-biting matches. Among them were teams that would be representing England in following weeks in Malta, players who had won national competitions and many other players who had won their respective finals.

The matches were structured in the same way as the previous rounds. The boys had three other teams to play – another runner-up from Wednesday, and two winning teams from zones in London. This time sadly Freddie was unwell, so Marlon, Ben, Charlie and Fraser faced the opposition. Every point was difficult and had to be played with as much focus as possible. Our year 6s had only just returned from the London residential the previous night, so did exceptionally well to battle through their tiredness.

The squad played brilliantly and there were many tense, nail-biting moments for both the children and the teachers! Marlon and Fraser found themselves challenging the top under-11 player in England which was a great experience. Sadly, they didn’t manage to make it through to the national competition, but the squad did excellently to make it through to this round for the first time and we hope they can do so again in the future!

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