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World Book Day - Year 2

Last week Year 2 had a fantastic World Book Day celebrating their love of reading. They enjoyed writing their own book reviews, innovating traditional tales and using drama to act as their favourite characters.

The children chose their favourite book to review, explaining the most exciting parts and how the author captured their imagination. They also changed the lead characters in their chosen traditional tales and retold the stories in their own words.

Katie said, “My favourite part of World Book Day was dressing up, but I also loved acting as my favourite character whilst enjoying the snow”.  Annabel added, “the 500 Word Challenge was brilliant. I really enjoyed hearing the winners announced in the whole school assembly. I think it was really inspirational”.  Ewan was extremely enthusiastic about his book review, “I really hope it encourages other children to read my favourite book because I know they’ll love it too!”.

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