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WW2 Theme Day

On Friday the 16th November, Year 2 took part in a World War Two theme day. They dressed up as evacuees, soldiers, pilots and land girls – just some of the people that they have begun learning about as part of their current project. The day consisted of a variety of WW2 themed activities, so the children could get a taste of what life would have really been like during the war.

For one half of the day the children took part in some drama activities, taking on the role of an evacuee. They had the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and answer questions from other members of the class. For example; how has your life changed since moving? What is your new host family like? Do you miss your family?. They also enjoyed listening to some wartime music and even wrote their own WW2 song as a class.

Throughout the rest of the day the children built upon what they have learnt about rationing and they got to prepare and taste wartime foods. Maisie said "Cooking the rationing foods was great. I now know so much more about life in World War Two". As a way of showing remembrance, they made a poppy using tissue paper and card. Jackson commented "I had a fantastic time on the theme day. My favourite part was making the remembrance poppies that grew on the battlefields after the war". Finally, they recreated some of their favourite WW2 propaganda posters to persuade. Merryn was very enthusiastic, “It was great having a whole day learning about World War Two because I just love learning about history”.

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