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Art Squad Bristol Trip


On Tuesday 20th November Art Squad travelled to Bristol to participate in a Street art Tour and spray painting session with ‘Where the Wall’ The tour began at the murals on Nelson Street and then through Stokes Croft and the Bear pit.  The children looked at many works by artist such as Banksy, JPS, Cheo and Nick Walker.

They learnt the differences between graffiti and street art and  some of the methods and techniques the artists use in creating these monumental pieces.

The children got the chance to take part in a spray painting session with a local street artist and used spray cans and stencils to create a piece of art work each. This was the first time many of the children used a spray can and found it was harder than it looked bur they loved some of the effects they could create by holding the can at different distances from their paper and moving it at different speeds, they discovered it is something that takes a lot of practice to perfect.  They came back truly inspired and keen to put into practice what they have learnt.

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