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Y4 Christmas Tree Decorations


Following on from Year 4's continued focus on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, the children, inspired by the Snow Queen, have created a variety of Christmas decorations for a tree based at Killerton Chapel. The decorations include paper crowns, icicles, hanging stars and miniature trees.

For the crowns, crinkled paper was wrapped around a circle of plastic with the children cutting the card to create the points of the crown; coloured gems were then added as further decoration. For the icicles, foil was rolled and sculpted onto the string. Additionally, Year 4 creatively used felt to construct their hanging stars and trees. Using stencils, the children cut different sections of the tree out and arranged them into a conical shape before sticking them together. The hanging stars involved threading beads onto string before adding the felt star shapes on either side.

The decorations are available for the public to see inside Killerton Chapel through the rest of November and into December, as a continuation of Killerton House’s Snow Queen theme.