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Y6 Rock and Rapid


Year 6 Climbers visited Rock and Rapid climbing in South Molton on Sunday to take part in the North Devon Climbing Competition. They competed with over 10 different school and clubs in the area in two disciplines: wall climbing and bouldering.

The team started their day climbing the walls where they would complete three routes and be scored on how high they could climb. The walls all reach around 10m in height at Rock and Rapid so this was a fearsome test. All our competitors managed to climb to the top of the first route and 2 children made the top of the second route. The third route was only completed by two children out of the hundred that took part.

In the afternoon we entered the bouldering cave for the second discipline where they would again compete on three routes trying to complete them and scoring points for getting furthest. Again our competitors completed the first of the set routes and many managed to do the second route too! One pupil from Broadclyst was among the only pupils to complete a third most challenging route on the day!

A fantastic day, well done to everyone who climbed.

Rock 3Rock 2Rock