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Y4 Exeter Cathedral


Year 4 visited Exeter Cathedral on 29th November to begin answering the religious question of: ‘What is worship and does it have to happen in a special place?’. Having previously had groups attend the Mosque, the children of Year 4 have been building their religious literacy and acquiring a vast knowledge of the six major religions and the beliefs of others.

In the cathedral, the children were warmly welcomed and led through the vast main hall. On a tour of the cathedral the children learnt many new facts about the key features of the building, from when it was built to the damages it has suffered due to wars over the years. Becoming keen investigators, they were also able to identify multiple keys of St Peter and locate two pulpits, two lecterns and two alters. Throughout the day the children also had the engaging experience of hearing the organ be played and attend two short afternoon prayers – which happen every hour, on the hour.

Separate from the tour, Year 4 were also shown how to create brass rubbings – using tough wax crayons to rub over the top of brass images found in the cathedral. After being taught this skill, they then worked on pieces of art that used two or three brass rubbings to create a new image of their own.

Over the course of the day at the Cathedral, the children were congratulated many times, by members of public and tour guides, on their impeccable behaviour and attitude towards being in an active place of worship.





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