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Yr 3 We The Curious

The children of year 3 found themselves surrounded by fascinating exhibits on Wednesday 12th December as they explored ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. The trip focussed on a number of Scientific concepts that Year 3 look at throughout their first Year in Key Stage 2 including the two workshops of the day – ‘Light and Shadow’ and ‘Forces and Magnets’.

During their ‘Light and Shadow’ workshop, the children learnt about different sources of light (such as the sun, bioluminescence and lightning) and how white light is made of the whole spectrum of colours. They had great fun using prisms to split light from ray boxes and also discovered that the way coloured lights mix doesn’t quite match how paints blend! Excitement hit a high when the lights went out in the room and they saw how glow sticks worked, discussed what life would be like without light (no bread!) and saw, through smoke and lasers, how light travels in straight lines.

In their other workshop, the children found out about forces and magnets. They measured how different smoothness of ramps can affect the friction of a rolling car and also discovered that forces govern how everything around us moves, stops and even bends. They tested whether different materials were magnetic and found that only 3 metals are – do you know which ones? Learning new words was a highlight for some – the ‘r’ for magnets that push away from one another turned out to be ‘repel’, not ‘romantic’!

After their workshops and lunch the children were able to look around the array of exhibits in the centre. Favourites of the children were the bubble hoops, a giant guinea pig wheel, a photo zone that made your shadow stick to a wall and they were wowed by the tornado machine!

The children were clearly inspired by the day and we’ll continue to look forward to some great Science in the future!

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