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Global Canvas Art Project


‘Global Canvas’ is an art competition created by the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation’s Art for Survival programme and was established in 2004 to encourage young people to express their concern for the environment through art. This year the Year 6 ‘Art Squad’ wanted to take part and have worked together to plan their display and come up with their own ideas around the theme of ‘habitats’. They used their sketchbooks to sketch their initial ideas and think of different ways to interpret the theme before deciding on the ocean habitat, in particular the coral reefs. In previous art lessons the children have been looking on human impact to the shores and plastic pollution and they decided they wanted to revisit the theme but interpret the magic and the beauty of the reefs through their art .

Art Squad are all dedicated pupils who love learning new skills in art and exploring with new media, they have been using their lunchtimes to work on the project and all their ideas on the display were their own and represent some of the new media they wanted to explore. They experimented with new ways of working in both 2D and 3D and had a lot of fun working together and learning from one another. Some of the materials they explored included; Cyanotype photography, screen printing and spray painting as well as stoneware ceramic and porcelain sculptures. They even came up with the idea of creating a box you can sit in with a UV torch and experience jellyfish painted in neon paint. Together they came up with this mini-exhibition to submit as their entry to the competition.