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Class 4SP Belmont Chapel Visit

Class 4SP went to Belmont Chapel on Monday 4th February to continue their investigation of their religious question: ‘what is worship and does it have to happen in a special place?’

The children received an in-depth tour of the building, exploring its original hall and stage from the 1950s as well as the newer Concourse and Auditorium. On this tour they were encouraged to consider what made the Chapel ‘special’ to the Christian faith and whether Christians were expected to worship there. As they travelled, the class also learnt that the Chapel has multiple uses, outside of the traditional prayer, from children’s youth groups, which involve climbing and table tennis, to Father and Toddler sessions.

Whilst at Belmont Chapel, 4SP were also given a mystery photo quiz, where they were given the opportunity to travel freely around the Concourse and Auditorium in search of the mysterious objects. They then discussed why these were important to the Christian Faith and how they aided in worship.

It is clear the children have grown in their understanding of different religious faiths as they are now starting to debate the importance of a special place and the relationship it has to a faith’s worship.

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