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Yr 5 Cheddar Gorge Visit

Monday was a history fuelled, first day back for Year 5, when they visited Cheddar Gorge in all its wonder. Breaking off into groups, they delved into Gough’s cave, looking at how our ancestors would have had to have survived in the Stone Age, and learning about caves themselves.

After wandering through the museum, they stepped back in time and met a Stone Age person, in real life, and learnt about flint knapping, fire making and recognising different animal skulls – what a treat! Through the Dreamcove cave, the children were met with beautiful stalagmites crossed with modern technology as the projections and video light shows took us on an exploration of early man.

Finally, they made the long trek up Jacobs ladder, into the look-out tower (although I am not sure how many of the staff braved it), and one group even managed the 3 mile clifftop walk, viewing the Gorge in all its splendour!We had a fantastic day filled with enough knowledge to get us started on our Bronze Age stories!

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