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KS2 World Book Day

Broadclyst Primary School- Year 3         

Year 3 had an inspiring week leading up to World Book Day. They loved listening to the Historic stories told by Katy Cawkwell about dragons and Russian witches. They also enjoyed hearing about the story of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton as the Year 3 & 4 teachers demonstrated all sorts of different sights, sounds and smells!
We loved reading about the adventures of the children who went up the Faraway Tree in our story time and the Year 4s created their own lands in their Sketch books. Claire Barker, author of Knitbone Pepper and Picklewitch and Jack then arrived just in time to help us design our own characters! The children design their own ‘Wanted’ or ‘Missing’ posters of characters that they included in their stories. Claire Barker showed us how to design a good story with interesting plot, characters and language which we’ve since been using in our stories!
The children loved world book day this Year and all wrote fantastic 500 word stories as part of Radio 2’s competition. There were all sorts of costumes the children were arrayed in from Disney to Roald Dahl and even footballers!
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 4 

In Year 4 this week, the children have been creating their own imaginative stories based on the novels The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. They took the three children – Joe, Beth and Frannie – up the Magic Faraway Tree and into a land of their choosing. These lands varied from the Land of Cushions to the Land of Nightmares.

On World Book Day, Year 4 came in a variety of different colourful costumes and lots of characters. We had an excellent hand-crafted Moonface and a very green tortoise, to name a few.

Each child has learnt to celebrate their favourite books as they took part in the BBC Live Lesson – where the Anit-Book League worked their magic – turning authors into bookmarks and making words disappear from the pages of valued novels. The children all worked together, using their literary knowledge, and saved the day!
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Broadclyst Primary School- Year 5

Not only did Year 5 have an amazing World Book day, but an incredible World Book week! We had the opportunity to meet Katy Cawkwell and listen to her Norse stories, featuring a range of interesting characters such as Odin and Fafnir. On Tuesday we went on a creative writing journey and wrote spooky stories with Sandra Greaves, using skulls and boxes as inspiration. On World book day itself, Gus Knight secured 1st place in our 500 word competition, with his humorous Cautionary Tale - Well done Gus! As the day continued we interacted with the 'how to Train your Dragon seminar' and got involved with the BBC Live Lesson, featuring Malorie Blackman and Cressida Cowell. A fantastic day (and week) was had by all involved.


Broadclyst Primary School- Year 6 

World Book Day week 2019 was a great success. The week kicked off with a visit from professional storyteller Katy Cawkwell who entertained the children with her tales of Nordic and Roman myths. On Tuesday, we had two visitors. Victoria Byron, an illustrator of children’s picture books, visitted reception and taught them how to draw a good illustration. Year 4, 5 and 6 had a visit from Sandra Greaves, an author of spooky stories set on Dartmmor. She spoke about her career as an author, and also gave a workshop on how to write spooky stories to Year 5. Wednesday saw the return of Claire Barker, the author of the popular Knitbone Pepper series and Picklewitch and Jack. She delivered a very engaging whole school assembly, showcasing her fantastic array of hats. She also delivered workshops in Year 3 and 4 on creating characters.

On World Book Day itself, the school gathered together for a whole school assembly where some of the fantastic costumes worn by the children were admired. It was at this time that the winners of the annual 500 words competition were announced. This year we had a wide variety of stories, some humourous, some poignant and some scary! The gold winners were Ava in WCPS Year 1 with her story ‘The Knight and the Flying Peas and Gus in Year 5 with his story ‘Portly Pearl – A Cautionary Tale’. All the winning stories were read aloud by the winners’ class teacher in assembly.
Another great World Book Day was had by all and we are looking forward to next year already!
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