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Yr 1 Bicton Park Visit

Year 1 had a wonderful day at Bicton Park and Gardens last Thursday. As part of our travel through time project we visited the countryside museum where we were shown around by a lovely gentleman named Fred who told us all about the various machines and engines - he even let us have a seat on a tractor and a ride in a carriage! We also had a ride on the famous train around the grounds of the park, we loved spotting all the clues on the way round which told us more about each part of the garden. In the afternoon we had a 'Sow and Grow' workshop where we learned about the importance of plants in the environment and had a look at a daffodil up close. We also planted our own seeds to bring back to school and look after - we can't wait to see what they turn into! Finally we had a quick play in the park before, sadly, it was time to return to school.

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