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Yr 6 Kwik Cricket Event



Year 6 pupils participated in a Kwik Cricket event at Clyst Vale against local schools on Wednesday 5th June.
Pupils split into two teams ready for two matches against other schools.  Every player was required to bat as part of a pair for two overs during their teams innings of 8 overs. Then whilst on the fielding team each player had to bowl for an over and be wicketkeeper for another.  All pupils were enjoying the opportunity and a number of boundaries were scored by both Broadclyst teams.  After these first matches were finished both teams shook hands with the opposition and waited for the final results.  One team scored 247 and won their match by a single run after a high-quality competitive fixture while the other team came up against a very good opponent and were able to score 227 in defeat.
Then teams were moved around to play their next opponents and both teams played better; using the experience of the previous game to help taking up much more effective fielding positions.  Again one team won their game while the other team were defeated by a four runs from the opponent’s last ball in a close game.  It was great to see how both teams played the game in an excellent spirit throughout and enjoyed the opportunity to play competitive cricket.
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