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Summer Term in Reception

Reception classes are very much enjoying the Summer Term. Our new project is all about animals and habitats which has really captivated the children’s interests and imagination. Whilst learning about farm animals, we have spent lots of time visiting the goats and taking them for walks on the field. In class, we have enjoyed writing stories about our favourite wild animals, designing leaflets and PowerPoints about how to care for a pet animal and learning facts about different animals and habitats. We have also had lots of excitement watching the caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. We are now moving on to look at woodland habitats and we will be spending more time outside both in the allotment and forest school area. A few weeks ago we begun planting seeds in the allotment including beetroot, radish and carrots. We have been watering these and keeping the beds free from weeds. 

Children are also busy learning songs to perform in the upcoming Killerton Choir concert, improving on their skills and speed for Sports day and preparing for the transition as they progress into Year 1.

Westclyst Reception especially are preparing for the big move to our new school building. We have had a go at designing what we think it should include and are getting excited to visit the site soon.

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