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Yr 6 Heatree Residential


Despite some difficult weather, Year 6 had a brilliant adventure week at Heatree Activity Centre. With excellent instructors and a wide range of outdoor activities, the children challenged themselves, learned a lot and often achieved much more than they had previously thought that they were able to. The activity sessions featured outdoor pursuits, such as mountain biking, archery, high ropes and raft-building. In addition, there was also an opportunity for each team member to earn a National Outdoor Learning Award (NOLA). Instructors worked with the class to explore the three core values of outdoor education: learning, safety and respect. All of the children succeeded in achieving this and were a credit to the school. It was heartening to see the way in which children encouraged and supported one another when tackling challenges.
Many of the children challenged their fears and accomplished far more than they believed that they could. When asked his favourite activity, Felix said: “My favourite part was the kayaking because it was really fun and we all ended up in the water in the end!” Emily said “I was really proud of my achievements in the abseiling and mountain biking” – which took a great deal of courage. “I enjoyed the high ropes because they were challenging,” said Lily.
At the end of the week, the class returned home with lots of great memories and – for many – a new-found confidence!
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