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Yr 6 Netherlands Residential


Yet again, the much-anticipated annual trip to the Netherlands was another great success. A group of thirty-three Year 6s enjoyed a week of Dutch culture and cuisine in the glorious sunshine. It also provided the opportunity for the children to be reunited with their friends from Daltonschool Elserike, whom they had got to know when they visited our school earlier in the year.
After a flight from Exeter airport to Amsterdam and then a train journey to Apeldoorn, the group arrived at their accommodation and enjoyed an evening of exploring the local area. The next morning saw  the children enjoy a traditional Dutch breakfast of ‘Hagelslag’, otherwise known as sprinkles! This was followed by a trip to the ‘Open Lucht’ museum, a museum all about the history and life of the Netherlands. This was an informative and interactive visit, the highlight being the ride around the museum on a traditional tram.

After another sprinkle-filled breakfast, we visited met up with the children from our link school and the two school groups then set off together to visit the ‘Kamp Vught National Memorial’, This combined memorial centre and museum features various exhibitions, a memorial room and wall of reflection to commemorate it’s history as a Transit Camp in the Holocaust. This was both an interesting and moving experience and provided a unique insight into a prevalent moment in European history.

The final day of the trip provided the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam and the jam-packed schedule led to a very high step-count indeed! Taking in the city from a canal boat tour provided the best views possible, spotting landmarks such as the narrowest building in the city, which is only 1m wide. A visit to the Rijks Museum was also on the cards and the children particularly enjoyed seeing the famous ‘Night Watch’ by Rembrandt, which they have studied in class, as well as Van Gogh’s ‘Self-Portrait’.  After sampling some delicious ‘Stroopwafels’, the final stop of the day was to visit Anne Frank’s house, before taking the train back to the hostel.

A great week was had by all and a particular thank you goes to our hosts at Elserike who we look forward to seeing again next year.

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