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Yr 3 Lifeboats Trip


Year 3 pupils visited the RNLI in Exmouth to develop their understanding of water safety and visit a lifeboat as inspiration for their upcoming Eggy Challenge on Wednesday 19th June.

Despite the grey morning pupils immediately took on a sunny outlook as they arrived at Exmouth beach and split into two groups to complete their activities; a walk along the beach and talk with a working lifeguard about beach safety and a guided tour of Exmouth lifeboat station.  Visiting the lifeguard pupils were able to discuss what the different flags they may see on the beach refer to, learn how to contact the Coastguard in case of emergency (999!) and see the range of equipment that lifeguards are able to utilise to keep people safe on the beach, with the jet ski being a real favourite!  After their talk with the lifeguard, the group safely set off on a walk along the beach, enjoying that they were practically the only people on the beach that morning apart and being amazed by the sheer number of jellyfish they encountered.  One group counted over 50 in a 400m walk, with the largest being over 1m wide a truly fascinating spectacle.

After the walk was complete, with the rain just starting it was time to retreat hastily indoors to the lifeboat station.  After meeting our guides and learning about the large area covered by the Exmouth lifeboat, it was time to marvel at the star attraction itself the off-shore lifeboat.  Pupils were amazed at the sheer scale of this and really interested to learn more about the tractor used to push the boat out to sea, as well as collecting it on its return.  Then was the opportunity to visit the on-shore lifeboat, a much smaller boat that came with the opportunity to get much closer; with some pupils even being able to try on some of the equipment worn by the lifeguards. 

After meeting with the other group it was time to return to school for lunch, with all pupils equipped with boat ideas for their Eggy Challenge project and with a great respect for the work of the RNLI in keeping us all safe both on the beach and at sea.

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