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Yr 5 Eden Project Visit

On the 20TH June, Year 5 had the incredible opportunity to visit the beautiful and educational, Eden project. Beginning our day with an exploration around the Mediterranean and Rainforest biomes, they found the most interesting and bizarre plants, learning a multitude of facts. The children enjoyed running through bridges which produced steam, making shapes of themselves in the ‘Invisibility centre’ and listening to a short bee talk- who knew there were so many types of bumblebee! Although it got as little warm whilst discovering, it didn’t stop them getting stuck in to all of the interactive areas included inside – with one or two of them stopping off in the cool room for a breather. 

After lunch we split into two groups, in order to learn about sustainability and the affect our choices are having on the planet. Being of a generation who will be affected by our packaging and air mileage for goods, it was fantastic to see them create a lunchbox that would support Britain’s trade and reduce pollution. Hunting around Eden for the plants and their information to create this meal, it was a race against time to be the winning group to achieve all the details needed, from the origin to random facts. All of the children gave thoughtful and mature answers and each class received a sustainability certificate. It was a wonderful day from start to finish.

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