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Yr 4 & 5 Football Match


Pupils from Years 4 and 5 took part in an afternoon of football activities led by Devon County FA at St Luke’s on Friday 21st June.
Pupils were split into groups based on their year groups and then moved around 8 different football-based activities.  These included all the main skills required to play the game including working on their dribbling, passing and ball control.  Other stations also included fun activities to develop more general skills such as agility through playing tag games and throwing and catching skills.  One station was also art based, much to the girls’ delight, which involved them producing a large St. George’s flag to support the England team in the Women’s’ World Cup. 
After developing their football skills they then progressed to play in a number of friendly matches against other local teams. Both teams showed off their newly developed skills in the matches while also showing great team camaraderie.  Finally to finish the event the girls were given a bag filled with Women’s World Cup memorabilia and all gathered for a whole group photo with the flag they had created and left feeling much more positive about football than when they arrived.
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