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Yr 5 & 6 Microsoft Visit

On Sunday, the Digital leaders, both new and old, had the opportunity to visit London and attend the opening of the Microsoft store. The children began their journey with a trip to Paddington, behaving wonderfully, and responsibly as they took on train changes and the thrilling tube rides at the other end. Seeing some of the sites down at the river on the Sunday night before bed, the children went to their rooms full of chat about the upcoming day. Monday morning, after a full English breakfast, the shopping began. Beginning at M & M world, and the Lego shop, the children were treated to tasters and demos at almost every stand, before entering the wonderful world of Hamley’s, which contained floors and floors of children’s toys, and things to experience. 

Finally arriving at the much anticipated Microsoft store, we were welcomed by a tunnel of people, clapping and cheering our entrance – making the children feel very important indeed! Splitting off into groups, the children worked on ‘Harry Potter’ coding, using wands and script to make jelly beans jump, feathers fly and create many other spells from the popular book series. The other side of the group went into the ‘gaming’ room, which was filled from wall to ceiling with gaming chairs, screens, virtual games and of course the children’s (and teachers) utter amazement. Building Minecraft worlds with specific instructions, the groups battled it out to be the most innovative and creative, leaving many with hats as their prize. Ending our day with certificates and complimentary bottles, the children headed home full of enthusiasm for code! It is safe to say, we had an incredible two days!

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