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Year 1 Killerton Trip

On Thursday 11th July WCPS & BCPS joined together to go to Killerton for Outdoor Day, where we took part in our Eggy Challenge buggy testing. Year 1 have been working in groups to design and make their Eggy Challenge buggies ready for testing them down a hill at Killerton. First, we ticked off one of our ’50 things to do’ by rolling down a hill and then we had a picnic in Killerton gardens. Next we got into our Eggy challenge groups and took it in turns to test our buggy creations down a hill, with lots of support and cheering from the crowd. Each buggy was scored based on how well it protected the egg inside and how it looked. Year 1 had a great day and seeing all the buggies together showed how much effort went in to making them! The winning team is going to be announced this week. Sam said “I had so much fun” and Megan said “I really liked seeing everyone’s buggies they had made today”.

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