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Year 2 Eggy Challenge

On Thursday 12th July, as part of Outdoor Learning Day, the children from Broadclyst and Westclyst Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon in the outdoors. 

They started the afternoon with a trip to the beautiful Clyston Mill, where they sat amongst the apple trees in the orchard to enjoy their lunch. The children loved being surrounded by nature and able to hear the sounds of the birds and the trees around them as they ate. Soon after, we took a stroll in the sunshine to Broadclyst Church where we were greeted by Bernard, the Vicar, whom the children had written to earlier in the term to request we use the church for our trip! 

The purpose of our visit was to be the grand finale of our Eggy Challenge project, our parachute drops. After using the morning to make any final adjustments and preparations to their designs before the big drop, the children were eager to see if their eggs would survive! We watched in awe at the bottom of the spire as the parachutes were released one by one. Despite a few egg casualties, the parachutes were nearly all a brilliant success with well over half of the eggs surviving the huge drop! A fantastic way to bring an end to an exciting and inspiring project – made even better by the great outdoors.

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