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GEC Update from our Year 6 Pupils

By Gus and Grace in Year 6

The GEC is a project set up with, and sponsored by Microsoft, helping to unite and educate students all over the world.

The Year 6s of Broadclyst take part in the GEC, and there are 10 companies in the year group. Schools all over the globe are taking part in this challenge – and we have spoken to some of them on Skype! GEC stands for Global Enterprise Challenge. The companies compete to make the most profit from producing and selling their products. These products are all very diverse. Some groups sell baked goods, whereas others are making unusual products like pet clothes! At the end we account for our earnings and whoever has been the most profitable and creative, is declared the winner. In each school they have a winner, but what people are really competing for is the international prize. This is a trip to Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, plus the highly coveted trophy.

Our class has created their produce and has begun to sell after school. We have a limited amount of time and we begin with a budget decided by how we present ourselves to the ‘Dragons.’ In the GEC we have a few main sales, and the option to sell after school. The main sales are the Christmas fete and the summer fete. We also get to sell after school if we notify the teachers at least 24 hours prior.

The GEC is a great project; it allows children to learn important skills for their later life. It also helps us to learn to work as a team and meet many people from all sorts of places. All in all, the Global Enterprise Challenge has had a great impact on us and many other people from all over the globe.

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