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Adventure at Space Dome

On the 4th February, all the children from Years 1, 3 and 5 found out all about their universe – particularly about the incredible space race that led to this great leap for mankind.

Much like the perilous unknowns of spaceflight, stepping into the dome was daunting to some of our younger members, but this apprehension no doubt resembled the amazing wonder of being a real astronaut as it quickly turned into amazement and they saw stars, galaxies and satellites projected all around them within the dome. Ewan in Year three, on leaving the dome, remarked at how ‘amazing!’ it was – and that was certainly the impression that all of the children gave when inside. The events witnessed were a real rollercoaster – incredible vistas and rocket launches that caused (very) audible excitement from the children to the problems the astronauts faced during the space race – including early rockets starting to spin wildly out of control that caused real apprehension.

The children were all so engaged in the dome and loved learning about the history of our time in space – even down to the sad fate of the first dog in space. We’re certainly looking forward to visiting again – and this will be happening sooner than expected! Our next Astronomy club is coming up on the 13th March, and Simon will be bringing his space dome along! Don’t forget to book a place in the dome if you’d like to see it for yourself!