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Year 4 visit Belmont Chapel

Year 4 visited Belmont Chapel on 26th February to continue answering their religious question of 'what is worship and does it happen in a special place?'

At the Chapel, the children were welcomed and shown a video of a baptism. They learnt about the process and why people might wish to be baptised. They were then shown around the main auditorium and given a treasure hunt to follow, finding obscure items within the central church and the use for them.

After exploring the auditorium, Year 4 were given a tour around the rest of Belmont Chapel. On this tour, the children learnt that the Chapel is used for much more than just "worship". There were breakout rooms, youth spaces and toddler group sessions. The highlight room for the children was a table tennis and climbing space for church goers.

Over the coming months, Year 4 will pursue an answer to their religious question by visiting Exeter Mosque and Synagogue also.

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