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Author Visit: Tom Mclaughlin

On the 10th March 2020, we had a visit from Tom Mclaughlin, who is an author and illustrator. His book list includes 'The Cloudspotter' and 'The Diabolical Mr Tiddles' - which were performed on Cbeebies by Tom Hardy and Simon Pegg!

Amazingly, all he uses to draw is an iPad Pro and an Apple Pen, he uses an app exclusive to this technology (called Procreate). When he was young, Tom was diagnosed with a special educational need called dyslexia; this means that he struggles to read and write. Considering he is a talented author and illustrator who struggled in school, he has written multiple series of great books. Perhaps his best book yet – the story machine – was all written and illustrated on a typewriter.

The humorous author showed years five and six how to draw a character from his book (the accidental billionaire). Tom also showed us funny photos of him growing up as a young child. This led him to talk about his dyslexia and problems that he had in school. Throughout the day, he spoke to all of the year groups and even did story time with reception.

Why not visit his website and see browse his books: www.tommclaughlin.co.uk/books/