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India Link Trip - Day Five

india-day05A bumpy road led the way to Madanpur Khada this morning but at the end we were again greeted with a garland of marigolds and a piece of art work created by one of the teachers.  We were first taken to an assembly where all the children were waiting in orderly lines.  Today’s songs were as energetic as yesterdays and we even got to see some traditional Indian dancing that the children had prepared.  Straight after assembly we went on a guided tour and spent a small amount of time in each class talking to the children and teachers.  Some of the younger children had been asked to come to school in traditional Western dress, a few of their interpretations were very interesting.  In the afternoon we worked with a group of children on preparing a short script, they wrote about themselves, their families and about their ambitions in life.  Once completed we then recorded them speaking and will use this as part of our international schools project, linking the three schools.
In the evening we travelled across Delhi to visit the Imperial Hotel where we had ‘High Tea’.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the smallest of the Good Samaritan schools, Dakshinpuri.


India Link Trip - Day One

Greetings all the way from India New Delhi!
image-blog-india-01We took off from Heathrow airport on Thursday 12th February at around 12pm and arrived in New Delhi at 2am.  We were greeted at the airport by Bittu, a driver from the Good Samaritans School and taken to our hotel.  A few hours of sleep and we were raring to go for our first day.
First on today’s schedule was a visit to Humamayun’s tomb, followed by a visit to the Red Fort.  Here we listened to an audio tour telling us all about the history of the Fort and learnt a great deal about Shah Jahan, the man who commissioned it in 1638.
We then braved the Delhi traffic on our way back to the hotel where we sampled some authentic Indian cuisine.  Tomorrow we are getting up at 4am to set off on an adventure to Agra, where we will get to see the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

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