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India Link Trip - Day Five

india-day05A bumpy road led the way to Madanpur Khada this morning but at the end we were again greeted with a garland of marigolds and a piece of art work created by one of the teachers.  We were first taken to an assembly where all the children were waiting in orderly lines.  Today’s songs were as energetic as yesterdays and we even got to see some traditional Indian dancing that the children had prepared.  Straight after assembly we went on a guided tour and spent a small amount of time in each class talking to the children and teachers.  Some of the younger children had been asked to come to school in traditional Western dress, a few of their interpretations were very interesting.  In the afternoon we worked with a group of children on preparing a short script, they wrote about themselves, their families and about their ambitions in life.  Once completed we then recorded them speaking and will use this as part of our international schools project, linking the three schools.
In the evening we travelled across Delhi to visit the Imperial Hotel where we had ‘High Tea’.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the smallest of the Good Samaritan schools, Dakshinpuri.


India Link Trip - Day One

Greetings all the way from India New Delhi!
image-blog-india-01We took off from Heathrow airport on Thursday 12th February at around 12pm and arrived in New Delhi at 2am.  We were greeted at the airport by Bittu, a driver from the Good Samaritans School and taken to our hotel.  A few hours of sleep and we were raring to go for our first day.
First on today’s schedule was a visit to Humamayun’s tomb, followed by a visit to the Red Fort.  Here we listened to an audio tour telling us all about the history of the Fort and learnt a great deal about Shah Jahan, the man who commissioned it in 1638.
We then braved the Delhi traffic on our way back to the hotel where we sampled some authentic Indian cuisine.  Tomorrow we are getting up at 4am to set off on an adventure to Agra, where we will get to see the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


India Link-School Collaboration Day

Children across years 3-5 had the opportunity to visit Sidmouth C of E Primary School on 27th June, to participate in a collaborative day on the topic of Indian weddings. This day revolved around the development of our link with Jasola Primary School in India, by recreating our own traditional Hindu Indian wedding.

Throughout the day, children were given the opportunity to decorate the wedding hall, produce a wall-hanging of Ganesh, make jewellery and also paint Mehndi patterns on each other's hands. After lunch, all of the children were involved in the wedding celebrations, playing the role of bride, groom, extended family and guests.


Recent Visitors

King Henry VIII Visits Broadclyst Primary School

Broadclyst Primary School enjoyed a visit on Friday 4th February from the most famous Tudor King himself, King Henry VIII. The King was played by Mike Farley, one of Britain’s leading impersonators and pupils joined him for a Tudor themed day.

Tudor costume, music, dance and jousting were experienced in a fascinating, fun and interactive environment providing a memorable time for children in KS1 and 2 and creating a visual and accessible platform from which to learn about aspects of Tudor history. The day included a mixture of history and humour. With his imposing figure, booming voice, wicked humour & musical skills it's little wonder he was such a hit with the children.

Rudi Oppenheimer, a Holocaust Survivor

The children in Year 5 & 6 had a talk from Holocaust Survivor, Rudi Oppenheimer as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET). Rudi spent time with the students during the day and in the evening did a second talk for parents of Broadclyst Primary School, people in the village and some local Exeter groups.

The testimony was followed by a question and answer session to enable people to better understand the nature of the Holocaust and to explore its lessons in more depth. The visit was part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s extensive all year round Outreach Programme, which is available to schools across the UK

Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth

On Wednesday 1st December Key Stage 1 had some fun visitors from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. Abbie, Joseph and Mopsy came to visit the children dressed in Santa hats and tinsel to celebrate the first day of advent. The children got to stroke the donkeys and walk them around the playground. They also got to ask some questions and find out about each of the donkeys and how they were looked after.

Fire Fighters

This term Class RNR learnt about the Emergency services and what to do in an emergency. They made and painted ambulances, fire engines and police cars and acted out some emergency situations! One of the highlights, was when P.C Buffie came to visit the class. She came to talk to the class about what life is like as a Police Officer and the different duties she has to perform. She brought with her some uniform to try on and her police van to explore.

Dental nurse

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from a dental health nurse in the autumn term. She taught them how to brush their teeth carefully and they used disclosing tablets to help them identify the areas that they had not been brushing very well. The dental health nurse also taught the children in Year 3 about the types of food that are good for their teeth and those that are not so good. Every child got to take their own disclosing tablets home to see if their brushing had become any better the following week.

Police Dog Handler

Sergeant Knight spent a morning with Year 1 & 2 demonstrating how his German Shepherd Koda helps him catch criminals. The children enjoyed listening to Sergeant Knight talk about how he looks after his police dog and what Koda is used for within the Police Force. The children then enjoyed meeting Koda and seeing a demonstration of how well trained he is and how well he follows instructions.

RE visitors

In February Year 1 had an RE themed week. They explored the idea of belonging and looked at how different people belong to different religions. They also talked about how important it is to belong to different groups – our class, our school, our families and religions. Mrs Piccoli came to talk to us about her faith, Islam. They visited the church in Broadclyst to find out about Christianity and Mrs Gabriel came to talk to them about Judiasm. They found it interesting to ask questions to find out more about some of the faiths in our community.

Claire Barker

Years 5 and 6 learnt what can be accomplished with ambition and a desire to succeed. Claire Barker is a North Devon writer and illustrator. She lives with her husband, and daughters. She draws and she writes when she

should be doing something more useful! She hopes that her illustrations, which cover a wide range of subjects, will make you laugh or maybe even hide behind the sofa. She hopes they make you feel something!

Claire combines traditional illustration techniques (pen and ink, watercolour, pencil) with computer technology to produce a range of funny, wild and occasionally dark images. Her inspirations are Shirley Hughes, Oscar Wilde and Roald Dahl. The children enjoyed seeing and talking about her illustrations, books and how to go about following their dreams and becoming successful.

Alan Bruford

All the children in the school helped build the new willow structure on the playing fields. Alan Bruford from Escot, Greenwood Education, spent a week with some of his helpers building a structure in celebration of the school’s Bi-Centenary year – 2010. As the structure grows, the children will be able to enjoy its arches and windows at playtime.




Torch makes a big impression

Children at Broadclyst Community Primary School enjoyed a visit from Olympic torchbearer Adam Rooke.

Pupils at the school have been learning about the Olympics and were excited to have a chance to hold the torch.

Adam, the first torchbearer in Exeter, spent time in every class answering questions and talking about his experience carrying the flame. The children had their picture taken holding the torch with him.

Year 1 pupil Gracie Bauer said: "I liked having my photo taken with Adam Rooke and touching the Olympic torch. It felt bumpy, heavy and cold."

Classmate Olivia Bateman added: "I liked it when he showed us the torch and when he told us how it was lit from a lantern."


The Michael Gove Interview

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