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Year 4-6 School Disco

Years 4-6 had a great time at their disco, held at Clyst Vale Community College.
The school disco was once again an exciting and memorable occasion. As usual, pupils from years 4 – 6 – as well as some Year 7 BCPS alumni – met at Clyst Vale for the evening. Amidst the tuck shop, groups of chatting youngsters, numerous different dances and styles could be seen. These ranged from ballet and gymnastic-inspired movements to brand-new and certainly unique ideas. Some children spent most of the evening dancing their hearts out whilst others felt more at home covering as much ground as possible on the dance floor, as many times as possible!
Half-way through the evening, the crowds came together, joined by their teachers, to dance the macarena, whip and the cha-cha slide which was surprisingly successful (despite the adults’ questionable attempts at the dance moves!) In past years, dance trends have certainly dominated the discos. These have included Gangnam style and last year, dabbing. However, the floss was certainly the most common move throughout the evening and there was an unspoken competitiveness among the children to see who could floss fastest or who could add new features to the well-known move.
At the end of the disco, seven judges were chosen from among the ranks of the staff. They scrutinised the dance moves of the children over the course of a few songs. This led to 14 children being chosen as the night’s winners. There were so many excellent dancers to choose from, but a particular well done to Cherelle from year 4, Sofia from year 5, Harrison from year 6 and Michael from year 7 alongside all the other children who were successful in being selected for their outstanding effort and competence in dancing!

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