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Year 3 Exeter Roman Trip

Year 3 visited Exeter City Centre on Tuesday 13th March to investigate the impact the Romans had on Britain by exploring the evidence locally in Exeter. Throughout the day the children got to experience a range of different activities to support and extend the knowledge of the Romans they have already been acquiring in school this term.

An Exeter Red Coat guided tour was the first of two morning activities for year 3, who were greeted on Cathedral Green by two welcoming guides, ready to take the children on a journey through Roman Exeter. All the children were able to see and understand many parts of the city in a new light through the information being shared by the knowledgeable guides. On the Cathedral grounds they stood on top of the burial sight of a Roman bath and were shown photographs of its excavation many years ago. They learnt about the Roman wall that once enclosed what is today’s Exeter City Centre, when it was once the site of an important Roman fort and a hub of Roman activity. They were able to feel the wall and were shown which stones, still standing, formed part of the original structure and which came from later repairs, such as during the Saxon era. The tour continued across most of the City Centre, through Southgate and up to Princesshay and finished near to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. It was here that the children were able to view the many Roman artefacts on display. Roman helmets, a standing part of the Roman wall, a Roman mosaic discovered in Exeter and an array of Roman coins are just some examples of the large range of Roman history on offer at RAMM that the children were able to explore. Lastly, after enjoying packed lunched in Exeter’s library, Year 3 prepared for their public poetry performance in Princesshay. One by one, they took to the stage to read aloud their own Roman-themed poems into the microphone in front of the large audience of parents and members of the public who had gathered to watch. The poems included a range of styles, from Haiku to acrostic poems, and demonstrated the huge breadth of Roman knowledge all the children have acquired over the last term.

Not only was the Roman Exeter City Centre trip an engaging and exciting day out for Year 3, it was also a new way for the children to experience the life of the Romans and cement their understanding of the impact they had on life in Britain, as they continue their Roman learning back at school for the remaining weeks of the term.

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