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Fleet Air Arm Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to the amazing Fleet Air Arm Museum near Yeovilton.

Year 5 learnt so much on their recent trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum on the 22nd March. Their activities included a tour of the site, watching real life helicopters and a WW1 workshop. In the workshop, the children learnt about what life was like during World War 1 and also what kind of work people did on the home front. The girls began to work in the factories, and so they made a production line to create the bombs that would be used on the front – being particularly careful pouring the TNT (or was it sand?) Ben, one of the foremen, enjoyed bossing the girls around!

In the museum, we found out about how planes developed quickly due to the war. The Wright Brothers had only invented the plane a few years before, and yet we had begun to use them for surveillance, bombing and fighting within 15 years! It was incredible to learn how the planes’ weaponry was developed and also how they became so much more robust and reliable – the earliest planes being little more than powered kites! It was also exciting to find out more about zeppelins – which many of the children had already been finding out about in class.

The children were excited to find out what was around every corner. Benjamin could be seen writing as much as he could in his notebook and Rose said that this was the best trip she’d been on. Not only was the trip an informative and fun experience, but it has also given us a lot to think about for after Easter. It will be at that stage when our preparations for the big Killerton production begin, and this year we will be largely focussing on WW1 (alongside the suffragette movement) – come and watch us at Killerton in early June to discover more about this incredible time in our history.

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